Kelways provide expertise in material design, synthesis, characterisation, testing, validation, application, for a wide range of applications in industrial and medical domains.

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Material R&D and Much More!

Hello and welcome to Kelways platform. I am Dr. Iyad Sarhid, a scientist, a musician, an entrepreneur, and a sports enthusiast. My engines run on strong willpower, creativity, overcoming challenges, bouncing ideas with smart people, and getting the job done most effectively. 

As a professional, I lived in eight countries and worked on a wide range of subjects: sealants and adhesives, pharma QC, biophysics, nanomaterials for green catalysis, and conductive polymers. This rich and varied background allows me to collaborate on various product-development projects on an international level. 

Being a musician touring with bands taught me how to be a true team member and read my audience perfectly. Showing vulnerability is essential to produce authentic and enjoyable music. It is the same balance that I look for in my work, orchestrating innovative processes to meet and exceed my client’s expectations. 

I understood early in my childhood that my only capital is to surround myself with smart and loving people. Combined with my talents and my courage I am able to achieve my goals. 

My ambition is to build smart and sustainable solutions with professional and kind people that not only “drive technology”, but also push me to learn and evolve.



Kelways is working constantly on growing its expertises by engaging in challenging and demanding projects. Kelways experts provide a wide range of services: mock-up sketching, project grounding sessions, opportunity framing, physio-chemical properties understanding of materials, suggested R&D routes, synthesis, charectarization, analysis, and conclusion for optimised solutions.

At Kelways, we build trust through phase-based successions followed by rigorous and timely delivery of results.

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An International "Juicy" Challenge!

A deep-dive into food and cosmetics materials' market.
Our expertises with early-stage product development and materials' logistics came in very handy during the past year of collaboration. Kelways and Grovag representatives spent countless hours on grounding sessions to precisely define a framework of operations to bring this product to life.


Solar Applications of Plasmonics!

The development of an ultra-thin-layered coating to enhance the yield of solar collectors is a very interesting venture. Darel's expertises in recognising potential opportunity matched the enthusiasm and vision of Dr. Iyad Sarhid. Darel and Kelways worked together for a year to bring Dr. Sarhid's ideas to "business life" and make sure that these application land perfectly with stakeholders and investors.


Chemicals Free Pools & Hot Tubs!

Altipure is in the process of solidifying their position in the highly competitive water treatment market by establishing a scientific portfolio for their ozone-based filtration system.
Kelways provide the technical knowledge on physicochemical tests, regulations, data collection and visualization, technical support to marketing, and constant refining and improvement of processes and products.

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From lab to application. 
Kindly find below a brief example of how Kelways conducts R&D projects.

Project: Plasmonic catalysis enables the realisation of reactions using solar light with less energy and time consumption. Palladium nano-structures showed remarkable photocatalytic activity for Suzuki–Miyaura reaction; an important chemical reaction for pharmaceutical and fine-chemical industries.
Tasks: The goal is to synthesise bi-phenyls under visible light. Palladium (Pd) nano-catalysts were synthesised by a radiolytic reduction of PdII(acac)2 in ethanol under a CO atmosphere.

Actions: Preparation of reaction mixture between haloarene (0.54 mmol), boronic acid (0.6 mmol), base (1 mmol) and 4 mL of ethanol solution containing 0.43 mg of palladium nano-sheets. Mixture was irradiated under Argon under visible light with a 300 W Xe lamp equipped with suitable filters to avoid undesired photo-activation. The mixture was then filtered and analyzed.
Results: Results showed that the conversion under light irradiation was 96% versus 53% in the dark. Findings can be explained by plasmonic effect, which increases reactivity of palladium nanostructures by conversion of light into heat and hot electrons are induced on Palladium nanosheets surface.

Results were published in Royal Society of Chemistry-UK, and awarded a cover spot on New Journal of Chemistry-March-2019.



Kelways is a "French-English" carved-up name that combines two words: quel from French, which mean what, and way from English. It reflects the core activity of Kelway, which is helping businesses finding answers to a simple yet a very complicated delima: which way to further our product?

Getting people involved makes them more likely to accept change, because people find it hard to disagree with something they have been involved in developing. 

The recipe for successfully managing change includes:

  • Participation

  • Information

  • Enthusiasm

To remember this, think of PIE!

Kelwyas strikes a perfect balance between ownership and leadership, while paying extreme attention to client's needs and focusing on exceeding expectations.

Our experts will help your business thrive by providing the following services:

  • Photoactive materials R&D for industrial and medical applications. Light-matter interactions are core expertises, especially on the nanoscale.

  • Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) calculations for current and future products.

  • Navigating innovation through multiple channels like: Brainwriting, Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT), TRIZ, Card Clusters.

  • Applying TECOP framework and lean sigma to define opportunity, create clear roadmap for all stakeholders, optimise processes, and reduce waste.

  • Connecting your business with top-notch researcher, digital marketing experts, and highly trained professionals to provide knowledgable insights.



Thanks for your interest in Kelways. For more information, feel free to get in touch and we will get back to you soon!

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