Kelways is a network of experts in material sciences R&D domains. ​

Kelways is a "made-up" word combining: Quels (pronounced Kel) from French and Ways from English. It means: what ways? or which ways? Kelways is your partner in answering that question. 

Driven by passion for innovative materials, Kelways experts are proud and happy to become your partners in a successful journey to meet and exceed your expectations. ​

Kelways was born officially in the summer of 2021, by CEO and Founder Dr. Eng. Iyad Sarhid who had the privilege to be supported and surrounded by a team of highly trained, rigorous, and dedicated professionals. The strong professional and personal relationship between all team members is the beating heart of Kelways and the "secret" ingredient in Kelways recipe of success. ​

Kelways expertises are focused on, but no exclusive to, the following domains:

  1. Radiation Chemistry

  2. Conductive Polymers 

  3. Photo-activated Nano-materials.

Our team is located in several locations around the world and has a variety of backgrounds: chemical engineering, academic research, IT and data specialists, and business management.  



Kelways team believes in quality, transparency, and delivering results.
Our compass is focused on meeting and exceeding expectations in a comprehensive, optimised, and efficient framework.

Iyad Sarhid.jpg


CEO and Founder

A result-oriented chemist with a Ph.D. in nano-materials and over 10 years of experience in industry and academia.

- Designed, synthesized, characterized, and applied a wide variety of materials.
- Conducted researched experiments, interpreted results and visualized data.
- Participated in 10+ international conferences: oral and poster presentations.
- Published articles in peer-reviewed journals: 25+ citations and 500+ reads.
- Studied, lived, and worked in 8 countries in 3 continents (EU, Asia, MENA).

Signature Knowledge:

- Nanomaterials
- Green Catalysis
- Photochemistry
- Light Conversion
- Surface Chemistry
- Water Radiolysis

Laboratory Techniques:

HPLC, GC-MS, ESMS. FTIR, IR, UV-Vis, XPS, XAS, TEM, NanoIR, Flow-cytometry, SERS, GLP, GMP, LED catalytic reactors, disintegration (pH), Pump-Pulse lasers, Panoramic Gamma Source (Cobalt 60).

Musician (Percussions and Synths).
Travelling, Hiking, and Motorsports.