"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford

Welcome to our projects section. Kelways is working constantly on growing its expertises by engaging in challenging and demanding projects. Kelways experts provide a wide range of services: mock-up sketching, project grounding sessions, opportunity framing, physio-chemical properties understanding of materials, suggested R&D routes, synthesis, charectarization, analysis, and conclusion for optimised solutions. At Kelways, we build trust through phase-based successions followed by rigorous and timely delivery of results.



A deep-dive into food and cosmetics materials' market.

Grovag is an organic and added-sugar-free Swedish food manufacturer, with HQ in Gotenborg and juice concentration facilities in Saveh-Iran. 

A collaboration between Gronvag and Kelways was born in April 2020, as a proactive approach to providing healthier juice alternatives and vitamin rich organically produced juices. 

Our expertises with early-stage product development and materials' logistics came in very handy during the past year of collaboration. Kelways and Grovag representatives spent countless hours on grounding sessions to precisely define a framework of operations to bring this product to life. 

Over the past year, and still continuing, this collaboration resulted in an elaboration of a solid business plan, building an R&D and QC state-of-the-art laboratories, sample preliminary production, and undergoing a carefully planned physio-chemical tests to optimise final products. 

Kelways is proud to be a key player in this challenging project, and together with Gronvag, we will proceed to overcoming future logistical obstacles in hopes of delivering an excellent product to its stakeholder. 



Collaboration with Darel Venture Capitals - Netherlands

DAREL balances purpose and profit to deliver energy transition today. It was founded in 2017 by a group of experienced industry leaders, with the intention of using business as a force for good in building a more resilient world from its HQ in Rotterdam-Netherlands. 
Kelways and Darel met on a Venture Cafe event held in CIC Rotterdam, and after a stimulating and interesting exchange around light-to-heat conversion and solar collectors applications; a collaboration was born. 
The development of an ultra-thin-layered coating to enhance the yield of solar collectors is a very interesting venture. Darel's expertises in recognising potential opportunity matched the enthusiasm and vision of Dr. Iyad Sarhid. Darel and Kelways worked together for a year to bring Dr. Sarhid's ideas to "business life" and make sure that these application land perfectly with stakeholders and investors. 

After spending months of rigorous research and idea shaping, Kelways and Darel managed to explore the potentials of plasmonic materials for solar PV and solar collectors, calculating levelized cost of energy, Kw/h conversion of light, and possibilities of nano-composites and their physio-chemcal properties. 

This fruitful collaboration resulted in the development of an investor pitch for ChromoV coating product and proposal of technology to a third party. 

For more information, kindly hit the button below to download ChromoV product pitch (in PDF).